image compares the structure of web pages using HTML4 and HTML5, illustrating the semantic differences between the two versions, such as the use of div elements in HTML4 and the more descriptive header, nav, main, article, and footer elements in HTML5.
code snippet with HTML tags demonstrating the use of an img tag with a source attribute pointing to "example.jpg" and alt text describing "A red apple on a wooden table"
Contrast checker tool with a blue foreground colour and a white background, showing a high contrast ratio that passes accessibility standards for text, indicating good visibility for users with visual impairments.
a visual representation of the arts council responsive website design across different devices such as desktop, tablet, and mobile.
A webpage on the Arts council website, with text magnified to show resizable text features
a code snippet from a CSS stylesheet defining styles for a "skip-to-content" link, a feature that improves website accessibility by allowing users to bypass navigation menus and go straight to the main content.
a mobile-friendly website navigation menu from the arts council website
Arts Council online inquiry form with fields for first name, last name, email address, and message, highlighted in red, indicating a form validation error asking the user to complete the last name and email address fields.

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