• "I’ve been experimenting with ChatGPT for keyword research and ad-copy ideas and have been impressed with its detail and ability to provide unique ideas for niche markets. I think it’s a great supplement to our existing methods."

    Matt, Paid Advertising Specialist Specialist
  • "I think that ChatGPT is an interesting new tool that is still in the development stage. It's definitely something new for everyone, and I think its use will prove to have both positives and negatives as time progresses."

    Sinead Headshot
    Sinead, Digital Executive
  • "ChatGPT offers a quick and easy solution to some problems but it’s not perfect. It often offers a solution with the wrong approach, especially for more complex problems."

    Chris, Senior Front-End Developer
  • "I believe that ChatGPT and similar Natural Language Processing AI will become commonplace, just as calculators are used to perform simple maths operations. This will hopefully allow us to focus on the big picture rather than the details. Just like Cpt. Picard on the Starship Enterprise. 🖖"

    Bronagh, Digital Specialist
  • "It’s too early to really understand the effect ChatGPT will have on SEO and how we search. Google has updated their guidelines to suggest that AI content itself isn’t a problem for them - as long as it’s not used to generate content designed primarily to manipulate search rankings."

    Jason headshot
    Jason, Head of Digital Strategy

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