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Persona Development

We’ll identify the characteristics of your customers from their demographics through to their online needs and habits.

User Journey Mapping

We’ll help you to understand how your customers think and the pathways they take through your website to ensure their expectations are met.

Information Architecture

We’ll plan the structure of your information so that it can be intuitively navigated by your customers.

Wireframe Design

Our low-fidelity page designs will enable you to visualise your content, layout, interface elements and navigation.

Website UX Audit

We’ll undertake a full analysis of your website and a review of key performance indicators to assess how well your site is currently performing.

Competitor Analysis

We’ll study competing websites and your market environment through audits and user testing.

User Testing

We’ll carry out controlled or remote testing aimed at analysing customer behaviour and identifying your website’s strengths and weaknesses.


We’ll gain insight from current and potential customers with quick and cost-effective online surveys.